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Full Bloom ebook

Be ready to bloom – My new summer ebook is here!

Full Bloom – A Summer Book by Vanelja helps you to be your most radiant & glowing self during this summer season.

  • 175 pages full of wholesome summer food & wellness
  • Nourishing & fresh breakfasts
  • Filling mains
  • Vibrant side dishes
  • Summery sugar free treats
  • Wild herbs tips
  • Summer wellness
  • DIY Beauty care


Developed, photographed & styled by a recipe designer, author and certified Health Coach Virpi Mikkonen / Vanelja.


Full Bloom ebook contains 175 pages with 77 sunshiny recipes and wild herb & wellness tips to help you glow this summer.

I made this book so you could enjoy the vibrant summer season with all your senses, take advantage of nature’s beautiful buffet, feel magnificent and eat beauty – also with your eyes.

Full Bloom contains my family’s summer favorites and recipes that make me smile. The food in this book is joyful, simple and authentic. Something that makes you happy already when cooking and which is wonderful to serve to friends, family and to yourself.

Dishes like Golden Bircher, Lilac Cordial, Summer Banana Bread, Forest Chai Latte, Gardener’s 8 Veggie Pasta and Sunshine Poke Bowl are all so full of life! Not to mention Carrot Fries with a Curry Dip, Summer Tacos, Nettle Chips and Grilled Cinnamon Peaches, which are all summer classics at our household.

In this book I have also wanted to bring easy tips & tricks for exploiting the great treasures of our nature: the wild herbs and flowers. Hopefully, after reading the book, you’ll be excited to sip these super healthy and cute treats from the fields and forests on your summer table. It is said that you are what you eat, so why not eat everything beautiful and vibrant!

In addition to recipes, this ebook offers some real good summer pampering, such as DIY Foot Soaks, Herbal Face Mists, my go-to Natural Self Tanner, Botanical Face Steams and Floral Smudge Sticks.

I wish you a beautiful summer season – and vibrant experiences on your plate.

xo Virpi / Vanelja

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  6. Go and make your summer blooming!

Note 1: This ebook is an instant digital download and cannot be returned which is why we cannot offer refunds.

Note 2: This ebook is a translation of my Kiitos hyvää Kesää book plus it has 5 additional recipes in it. 

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