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November 2014

Vanilla coconut pudding


Nothing suits better for hazy early winter mornings than this vanilla coconut pudding with a hint of warm spices. It kisses you so softly that you can then handle anything the day brings.



1 of cans coconut milk (about 4 dl)

½ tsp bourbon-vanilla

¼ tsp ceylon cinnamon

¼ tsp cardamom

1 ½ – 2 tbsp organic gelatin powder/flakes/ + ½ dl cold water (or use agar agar)

2 tbsp raw honey or little bit vanilla stevia

Mix coconut milk, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon in a saucepan and heat gently at the same time. Dissolve the gelatin into cold water in a cup and pour the mixture into a saucepan with other ingredients. If you want a vegan version, use agar agar. Warm the mixture on low heat for a couple of minutes (or bring to boil if you use agar agar) and allow the gelatin to melt into the liquid properly. Do not bring the mixture to boil when using gelatin. Stir in honey or other sweetener. Taste and add seasoning or sweetness if desired. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool down slightly. Pour the mixture into small bowls or cups. Slip in cinnamon sticks to give more taste. Put the pudding into the fridge to solidify for about one hour, or until the mixture is thick enough. Serve and enjoy as it is or, for example with banana slices!

Pst. You can control the thickness of the pudding with the amount of gelatin. I prefer a soft but solid pudding, so I added ½  tbls gelatin to 1.7 cups of coconut milk.

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