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Blueberry Quinoa Yogurt

A lovely quinoa based vegan yogurt flavored with blueberries and vanilla. Suitable also for people with allergies!

2 cups quinoa (cooked)

2 cups oat milk (or some other dairy free milk)

½ cup blueberries (fresh or frozen and thawed)

2-4 tbsp raw organic honey or coconut syrup


2 capsules of probiotics

½ tsp vanilla powder


Cook the quinoa according to the instructions of the package. Let it cool. Pour the quinoa into a blender and add the oat milk, blueberries and the sweetener. Blend until very smooth. Add more liquid, if needed, so that you get the texture as smooth as possible. Taste and add more sweetener or blueberries, if you like. Open the probiotic capsules and pour the powder to the mixture. Mix gently. Pour the mixture into a sterilized and totally dry glass jar. You can sterilize the jar with boiling water in a big pot (for couple of minutes) or washing it in a dish machine. Beware of not to leave any water in the jar. Close the jar with a lid or cover with a cheesecloth and a rubber band. Turn the oven light on, but do not heat the oven. The oven light should keep the oven warm enough for the yogurt. Place the yogurt in the oven with the light on and leave the yogurt to set for about 8 – 12 hours. The longer you let the yogurt ferment, the stronger and more sour the flavor will be. Take the jar from the oven, stir in vanilla ja put the jar in the fridge and let it cool. Use within a week.
The swirls in the picture are made with a white Almond Yogurt – Get the recipe here!

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