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Welcome among pure pleasures! Vanelja is a site that offers new inspiration for wholesome food and healthy treats. Vanelja is a love letter to the charm of life, natural food and fresh flavors. Recipes focus on pure, high quality ingredients, favoring gluten-free and dairy-free dishes and offering substitutes for white sugar. It´s all about laid-back deliciousness here.

Besides the website, Vanelja offers wellness and food related services to customers focusing on writing, producing ideas, photos and videos.

Happiness comes from feeling good about yourself and the world and believing that you can make both yourself and the world better. Or from running once around the block without a shirt.

Purely out of pleasure, Vanelja.


I am a recipe artist, a writer, a cook book author, a food stylist & photographer and a person behind and in front of Vanelja. I have worked for 10 years as a journalist and years as a producer in a magazine. I have also a health coach degree in my pocket. Recently I have worked mainly with food topics. All that binds together in Vanelja.

At the moment I´m living in Helsinki, Finland with my 3-year-old daughter and my man, my best test audience.


  • Kiitos hyvää, a best-selling cook book about healthy sweet treats. Released in December 2014 in Finnish.
  • Kind Ice Cream for You e-book about healthy home made ice creams free from dairy, gluten & refined sugar. Released in June 2015 in English. (Co-authored with Tuulia Talvio)

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